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Our business unit “Welding and Metallurgy” provides services in the field of welding solutions. Typical activities comprise drafting of welding specifications (pWPS), welding procedure qualifications (WPQ), welder qualifications (WQT) and verification and inspection during the fabrication processes. Our expertise covers pipelines (NEN 3650, DNV OS-F101), process piping systems and related equipment (ASME B31.3, ASME VI) and structural steel (AWS D1.1, ISO 15614).

Our clients have been end users, fabricators and engineers in the various types of the industry such as Oil and Gas, Petro Chemical, Marine and Energy.

Besides regular carbon steels, we have specific in-house knowledge of complex materials, including stainless steel, corrosion resistant alloys such as Duplex / Super Duplex and nickel steel and its alloys.

We are proud to step in when your chosen welding process does not perform as expected.

Fasttrek is able to serve you from the start (engineering), fabrication (inspections), till the end of your project (mechanical completion) with our welding expertise.