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Since expediting (both desk and field) is an extension of procurement – and project management strategy, it’s our philosophy to get expediting services on board as soon as the purchase order (PO) or the letter of intent (LOI) has been issued. Proper movements of goods and/or services are a key factor for in time delivery, resulting in cost savings while maintaining the level of quality. We do belief in the interaction between the Purchasing, Planning, Expediting and Inspection departments.

In the perfect world, expediting would NOT be needed but in reality there are numerous “errors” that may cause “problems” such as bad planning, poor reporting, quality problems, delay in external supplies, inaccurate specifications, incorrect procedures, vendor capacity and/or manpower problems and lost orders.

We know that it is not always the supplier / contractor who is responsible for delay in the delivery and/or bad quality of the goods or services. Often internal problem may cause the need for expediting like bad forecasting, regular change in planning and late engineering changes.

If these problems occur, an objective evidence of these is required to avoid an aggressive approach to the supplier / vendor or contractor.  With our approach and philosophy, everybody remains on speaking terms and we maintain a workable situation to achieve what has been agreed between all parties involved with regards to quality, delivery dates and budgets.

Our expertise’s are gained in/at many situations and departments, on various on- and offshore projects with verifiable excellent results.