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Fasttrek BV is an independent multidisciplinary engineering company, near the port of Rotterdam, specialized in “steel construction” fabrication technologies with a focus on the Oil and Gas -, Maritime -, Energy – and Petrochemical industry

Technical expertise is available on pipeline-, piping- and structural engineering. This expertise comprises materials selection, welding solutions, NDT, coating systems, electrical and instrumentation.

Additional services such as procurement support, expediting, QA/QC, audits and inspections have been carried out on many projects in the industry, both in office and field environment.

The Fasttrek team is very familiar with the national and international codes, standards, rules and regulations, i.e. NEN 3650, DNV-OS-F-101, AWS D1.1, ASME V-VII-VIII, PED, KVI, EN, ISO etcetera. Also the leading operator specifications have been spelled out. In several cases we have contributed to today’s wording within these documents. We have close relationships with well-known Oil Companies, Certifying Authorities, Marine and Pipeline contractors, manufacturers, mills, construction yards and suppliers.

The majority of our employees have an academic back ground. But even more impressive is that we average more than 20 years of relevant field experience in our expertises. Currently and in the past, all of our team members have contributed to, many Maritime-, Petro-chemical- and Oil and Gas field developments projects, from start to end, both onshore and offshore.

The “senior” construction experts. 

We’ve worked with these major companies