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Through our many years of expertise in construction and fabrication technology, we do unfortunately face the fact that a lot of Companies and Fabricators experience the loss of valuable time and money by technical problems or other potential problems that they encountered during construction, such as errors, omissions, ambiguities and conflicts.

We know that Companies want projects to be successful, i.e. within time and budget, a high level of quality, accompanied with excellent HSE records.

First major step to accomplish that goal is to start with a good and complete set of documents, have them thoroughly endorsed by an independent party and then corrected before they go out.

Experienced Fasttrek Construction Engineers, Discipline Engineers and Quality Engineers are able to assist you with the vetting process by reviewing documents to determine if there are design and “ built-in” problems, flaws that may impede construction or factors that may cause impacts to any stakeholder in terms of time, cost or quality.

Such a ”Constructability Review” can be defined as;

An independent, structured and documented review of fabrication documents by construction professionals, to make certain that the scope of work and requirements are clear, the reference documents are correctly coordinated, and that they support the contractor, construction and project administration, in order to reduced impacts to the project.