Borssele 3,4 Windfarm & Borssele 5 Windfarm

Van Oord

Project: Borssele 3,4 Windfarm (77X) & Borssele 5 Windfarm (2X R&D)

Wind farms Borssele III & IV are expected to generate more than 3.200 GWh per annum, the equivalent of the electricity used by approximately 825,000 households. The wind farms are located 22 kilometres out of the coast of Zeeland in The Netherlands.

VO scope: The design, engineering, procurement, construction and installation of the foundations and inter array cables

FT scope: Quality Management / Coordination / QA-QC on fabrication of the foundations, top sections and secondary steel

Location: Location: HQ van Oord Gorinchem, the Netherlands and various contractors/suppliers